Monday, August 18, 2008

The locals at our cabin.

The birds and squirrels have us well trained. They made a commotion outside our bedroom window early this windy morning awakening us and demanding "their" morning birdseed!
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Here are some more photos of our new friends. We are obsessed with feeding and watching the birds and squirrels fight for their position at the birdseed trays. Saturday we moved into this cabin #18. Today is Monday and we have already bought another bag of birdseed.
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First the squirrels:
I call this squirrel - Fatso, Ray calls the foodmonger and bully of everyone - Jowels.

Our living room and view of the mountains and our local birds and squirrels.


Cindy Faith said...

Fatso gets my vote :)Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Susan Lowery said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Love those critters!

Joanna said...

Linda, What beautiful photos, It's nice to see you both having a great time & enoying each other. The animals are so cute! Much love to you & Ray.

lamont said...

saw the fire and wondered at the weather, saw lows in the 40's. great photos of fat cheeks, I can identify.