Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm gonna be "21" in 3 days!

I'm online at Starbucks in Mammoth.

Cindy sent me an early birthday present - a history of Cind and Lind she put on a YouTube Video:
Cindy and I do have history. I'm surprised by all the photos Cindy has in this slide show depicting so much of our history together. (I'm always telling Cindy to use her camera and she usually says, "I don't have it." or "Yeah, I should.")

I love my gift. I love you Cind. And, I miss spending time in the mountains with you. Thank you for putting together such a very special gift. I really love it.



Unknown said...

Great Job Cindy. I love the video. Thank you Cindy for doing that special video for our sponse. The 28th will be a very special day. Linda, we will be the same age for a few days.
I love you, Sandi

Cindy Faith Swain said...

Happy Birthday LIND! xoxox
Hey Sand