Monday, August 11, 2008

Mammoth photos.

Tina came up to visit us in Mammoth the last three days. The photos below were taken today.
Miss proper hiker on our morning hike.

Cute Tina.

Pretty lake on our morning hike.

Tina left to go home after our morning hike, but as she was loading up her car she came back to the cabin screaming, "Bear, come, come see the bear."
I put my shoes on, changed to a telephoto lens on my Canon 40D and ran out to the lake where the bear had been swimming! I missed him swimming, but ran in the direction he'd taken off. When I found the bear he was checking out some cabins.

But then I guess he wanted to go for another swim as he headed back down by the lake. I followed him.

I guess I followed him a bit too closely as he turned back in my direction. He looked as startled as I was when I clicked this photo off. I stepped aside to give him room and he ran by me.....thank goodness. Ray had been watching me from the cabin while he was on the phone. He ran down to the lake when he noticed the bear and I were only a few feet away from each other.

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Cindy Faith said...

OMG - how cool. Wish I was there hiking with you and Tina! HEY BEAR xoxo