Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trip to my son Lane's 25th Annual Pig Roast in Colorado

Ok, I’ve been way too busy. I’m back on my blog again. Back until August 2nd that is. Aug 2nd Ray and I will head up to Mammoth for the month, hopefully avoiding the over 105 degrees temperatures here in Rancho Mirage.

Last week my brother Don flew me and Don’s mate of 30 years, Colleen, back to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend my son Lane’s 25th Annual Pig Roast weekend. I was asked to present a slide show of my New Mexico backpack on Saturday night. Sunday was the Pig Roast.

Me waiting as Don and Colleen approach at the Bermuda Dunes Airport.

Don and Ray
Colleen, Don and Linda

About 2.5 hours later we landed at another small local airport 20 minutes from our motel and Lane’s house. A black rental car pulled up next to Don’s plane seconds after he landed and minutes before airport personal taxied his plane into the hanger 10 feet away.

I could get used to this lifestyle!

Flying on Don's plane to Lane's in Colorado.

Click on arrow to view video.


Colorado snow.

At Lane's.

Don and Lane

Lane kissing his girlfriend, Nicole

Later Saturday night at Lane's friends' 8th Annual Crawfish Party.
The Crawfish stew is cooked (there were a total of 4 large pots of stew) and then thrown on to a plastic wrapped table top where the feeding frenzy begins.

Everyone had their fair share of drinks. I was just crazy, not drunk! The girl in the photo was having fun with me and my craziness. My brother asked me, "How do you always attract the drunks?" Her t-shirt is NOT tie-dyed.
My handsome son!

Slideshow at 11:30pm!

Sunday and the Pig Roast.

Nicole and her Sister on the Shot Luge.

Lane on the Shot Luge. This and the next video are funny!
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Don and Colleen on the Shot Luge
Click on arrow to view video.

And finally, the pig.

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Cindy Faith said...

That pig roast looks like it was something else. I love the t-die :) t-shirt LOL! The poor little pig :( Tragic beauty of life. How did the slide show go at 11:30p? OMG