Friday, July 25, 2008

A glimpse into my day.

Work in progress on the fountain bowl we've procrastinated on finishing. Yesterday a man came and we discussed how to place the stones. All the stones initially looked too round and similar in color and size. I asked him to add 5 rocks I had collected while on the Colorado River in 2005.

Today a worker came by and added the pebbled bottom. Tomorrow the bottom gets acid washed. Then the large center rock is placed in the center and hooked up to pipes that will deliver a water fall through the center of the rock. A light fixture will also be added.

Kudos to Karen at Common Pools who has been extremely conscientious and accountable. Thanks Sandi, for the referral from your networking group.

I'm thrilled we will soon have a finished pond/fountain outside our front door.

p.s. So LR, this is where some of the large chunks of money I've been spending have been going!While packing up my camera gear for Mammoth, I picked up the Canon 40D and went out looking for a photo. Even the geese think it's too hot. Most of the geese were all standing in the water cooling off before I got too close for this photo and scared the geese closest off.

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